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Welcome to Bharpet.com

A directory of Restaurants! A community of food lovers!

We created this place with a simple motive of building a community who love food (as much as we do :) ) and who love to eat out.

If you own any of these restaurants, you can take charge of your restaurant page on Bharpet.com ... or least enlist you at Bharpet.com, so that a common man can reach you easily.

Also, as we speak, we continue to add lot many other cities to Bharpet.com, and you can help us there too by sending us any/all information you have and/or by registering with this website.

Since there are so many places to cover and there are so many features that Bharpet.com have - so it is certainly not possible for us alone to complete this feat alone... we'll need all the help we can get and hence request your full support. Fasten your seatbelts, start submitting restaurants - go reviewing, rating and commenting on your favourite restaurants.

The Bharpet.com Team


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